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Premium ready-to-use Carrd templates for your next project. Hire me to clone a landing page
for you or build you a custom one from scratch in 72 hours.

Product template for carrd


Carrd Website Template for digital product or saas.

SaaS template for carrd


Carrd Website Template for your saas business.

Resume template for carrd


Carrd Website Template for your amazing resume.

Freelance template for carrd


Carrd Website Template for your freelance business.

Simple portfolio template for carrd

Dark Portfolio

Carrd Website Template for your personal portfolio.

Photograph template for Carrd


Carrd Website Template for your photography business

Landscape architect template for carrd

Landscape architect

Carrd Website Template for your landcape business.

Hair Salon template for carrd

Hair Salon

Carrd Website Template for your hairdresser business

Florists template for carrd

My florists

Carrd Website Template for your florists business

Tax company template for carrd


Carrd Website Template for your accountant business

I'll Clone Any Landing Page
You Want Into Carrd

🔥 landing pages, for a fraction of the 💵

BudgetVan Clone

Perfect body Clone

Freetrade Clone

What my customers say:


5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shella Mae Tuba


Very well made templates and highly recommendable for growing businesses

Robert Gula


A job well and quickly done. Decent price

Stephone Bryan


Awesome template!!!!
Thank you!!!

Jason Leow


Super well designed templates by Nerbasis!! 🔥🔥 I got the Produqtly template, and was impressed with the build quality and design. Great for SaaS biz. 👍

Thank you!

Once I receive your requirements, I will start to work on your site.
Please allow up to 72 hours to receive your site.

Clone Any Landing Page You Want Into Carrd for 199$ flat.

Hello! Are you looking for a minimalistic and customizable landing page or one page website on Carrd? Than you're at the right place.

I will design a professional and minimalistic carrd.co website for personal promotion, surveys, and more, and they will be very easy to customize later.

Why Use This Service?

  • A cloned landing page gets you a starting point that is much simpler to edit/work on, then it is to start with a blank white page.

  • Let's you use Carrd which is an intuitive & easy to use website/landing page builder

  • Save hours of your time by not having to learn the ins and outs of designing in Carrd.

  • Get landing pages that load very fast and are "Google friendly"

  • Cut down on your monthly cost.(Carrd costs $4/mo while many other landing page builders cost $99+/mo.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clone all sorts of landing pages?

Yes, but some features might not be possible to do in Carrd. For example complex animations. I will let you know if something is not possible to make. If you have any questions about a landing page you want to clone, send me a DM

What plan do my Carrd account need to be on?

You will need to have the Carrd Pro Plus plan for me to be able to make and transfer the website to you.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes, you will get 1 round of revision on your order.

What's the delivery time?

You'll receive the cloned website within 72 hours after your purchase.

You have more questions?

Contact me on: