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I make it easier to get started building websites with
my selection of no code website templates for Carrd.


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Portfolio template

Show your amazing portfolio on this stunning
carrd template.

Personal website template

Stunning carrd template for personal

Cookie consent for carrd

Cookie consent popup for carrd small

Intensivo template an ui components for carrd

Template and UI components for

Saas template

Simple and well designed carrd template for your digital service business.

Digital Product template

Simple and well designed carrd template for digital product
or saas.

Florists template

Florists is stunning carrd template for your beautiful
blooming business.

Hairdresser template

This template will make your business grow like hair on heads of your clients.

Ebook template

Showcase your newest writing

Video course template

Showcase your amazing video

Hotel template

Very professional carrd template for

Fitness funnel template

Simple funnel carrd template for

Solar energy template

Template for solar panels expert for

Landscape Architect template

Classic carrd template suitable for landscape architect
or gardener.

Accounting busines template

Advanced carrd template for small accounting

Digital menu template

A beautiful joyful digital menu ideally for someplace that sells candy/sweets

Freelancer Template

Show your portfolio no matter if you are graphic designer or website creator.

Photograph Template

Show your stunning photography

Pricings table template

A custom coded Carrd plugin/component that shows pricing tables. Great for SaaS and service businesses.

Dental Clinic template

A carrd website template designed specifically for dental

CyberSaas template

A carrd website template designed for saas businesses or digital products or online services.

Why use Carrd for your website?

Comparison table

Here is the breakdown for Carrd Hair salon Template:

Things you need :

Carrd Pro standard Plan – $19

Carrd Hair Salon Template- $0

Domain- $10

Total- $29

Just $29 ? Yep and template is your forever!

Every year in the past few years, I've been changing the platform on which I host my website.I've now tried HTML templates, Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress, and Wix . I don't count Behance , Dribbble , Craiglist or Gumtree because I am looking for a solution with my own domain. You kinda need that to be taken seriously.So that's the verdict?
What am I using right now?
Well, I use Carrd with a custom template I made myself.What's Carrd?
It's a platform for creating one-page websites. At the begining it's was not intended for creating websites with multiple pages but Carrd evolving.
Why use that?
I appreciate the constraints that the platform provides. This makes things quicker for me and the price is just insane -  form $9 per year. Yep per year!
This is 5 times or more affordable than any of the standard solutions.
Not that I can't afford to use Squarespace. But I'm kinda bothered by the fact that I probably need to use my portfolio 2–3 times a year. Most of the time there is no much traffic to it and it just sits there slightly out of date.
I don't know, maybe it's just me.But my guess is it's not.
If you are looking for a full-time gig you need to prep it once. And then it sits there for years.
If you are a freelancer it's good to have it as a reference but most of your projects are coming from referrals. Or at least this is what I've noticed.If you are a small business or agency it's kinda the same as the freelancer.The way I see it is…
maintaining a portfolio is a hassle that you need to bear with from time to time. You don't need much to show your work.
Don't waste your time expressing your personality tinkering with fonts, colours and unneeded decoration. This is not what wins projects. The work is what matters and showing it in a straightforward way with a simple layout and crystal clear copywriting.So for now, I'm using this.
Carrd with my own one-page portfolio template. And it works. I've landed multiple five-figure gigs with it. Just works.
And now I'm sharing this with you.
I have made several templates…
Have a look try it for yourself. Share your feedback.

How to get started

1. Go buy a Carrd Pro Plan – from $9 / year

Buy carrd pro

2. Pick and buy your Carrd Template – from $0 / forever

Pick and buy Carrd template

3. Edit your template and add your content.

Edit template

4. Buy a domain or add an existing one by following the instructions.

Buy domain

5. Go Live!

I've built over 75+ Carrd Websites and helped businesses adopt carrd. Check out some on main page.

For Carrd Websites, I start from a base price and add-ons cost extra based on your context.

Approx Delivery Timeline
3-7 Days & 1 Revision only

Book to begin

Share your landing page and I'll tell you if its possible to get it done in Carrd or any other No-Code tools. Book your carrd website now and we'll get started.

Custom Carrd website:

$499 USD

Disclaimer :All the above prices are net prices, VAT 23% should be added, for companies from outside Poland VAT is 0%.


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